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Dresses: Colours versus Dark

Dresses: Colours versus Dark

Colours VS. Dark: Why both deserve a place in your heart.

Who doesn’t like a little colour? It all began in 1960 when a colourful wave swept over the fashion world and has not left ever since. Bright colours, extravagant designs and different textures for each piece of clothing, you could dress in a bright green gown with pink dots and nobody would complain about it. Well, even men were being daring and using more colours on their outfits, unlike their previous decade’s monochromatic attires. Yet, somehow, there was still a hint of basic dark colours in some designs, creating a balance of colours and giving the outfit some class.

The 60s were a decade of experiments, whether it’s for fashion, media, lifestyle or any other aspect, it was really important to form the identity of today’s cultures. As for fashion, it was limitless, there were all types of dresses at all lengths, colours, textures, among others. Women were trying different combinations as designers were being risky and creating a new style of clothes.

Why should you wear dark colours:

Besides being beautiful, dark colours are simple, yet beautiful, easy to blend and to master. They fit well in any kind of outfit and texture, whether to create a highlight or to create a balance in a colourful outfit, just as they can be a beautiful classy monochromatic look. Versatile, this palette is never out-fashioned and can be used on any kind of occasion with any kind of accessories.

Why should you choose colourful:

Colours are almost an escape from a boring every-day look. If you choose to have a colourful wardrobe, you will never run out of options of outfits once you start combining different colours to create the perfect outfit. However, you should be careful. Some colours do not match well and may create an unbalanced look. You may even look like a crazy clown in the streets! Unlike dark colours, bright colours tend to be in and out of fashion, and, sometimes, may be difficult to create a monochromatic outfit. Also, pay attention to the kind of texture and accessories you will wear with your colours, it should not create a disturbance with the main aspect of the outfit.

Why not both?

If you can’t choose between these two options, then go ahead and pick both! They not only match well together, but they are also in constant synchrony whether it is in a dress or in separate pieces. Bright colours create a highlight in dark outfits, and, dark colours create balance in colourful looks. Therefore, you should always consider blending these two instead of going towards only one direction.

Nowadays, designers are choosing to mix these two palettes, choosing one as the main colour and the other as a highlight. Some dresses are receiving additions to its design, including wedding dresses, and are creating a whole different style. In case of wedding gowns, which are primarily white or off-white, brides are adding small details to its bust and/or train using secondary colours, such as black, to create more evident details.

If you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit, then you can add some colours by using a different colour in an accessory, that way you will maintain the monochromatic look but will still create a highlight. This is a good option for a social occasion, because, for example, you can use a total white look and a handbag, thus creating a highlight on the handbag. Also, another example, you can use a black dress with a black purse, but creating a highlight with silver necklaces and earrings.

Either way, be adventurous, create different looks with different colours or use the same palette. There’s no getting it wrong!