Is The ‘Jeremy Kyle Test’ A Real Thing?

Is The ‘Jeremy Kyle Test’ A Real Thing?

Most people have heard of Jeremy Kyle, right? It’s a show where the host often finds himself in the thick of disputes and arguments where the truth is often quite hard to confirm. Consequently, the show features a lot of what is called the ‘Jeremy Kyle Test’. This is something which we see fairly frequently in the series, but it is often contested as to whether it is a real test. We’re taking a look at the accuracy of the lie detector that you’ll see on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

So, what is the Jeremy Kyle test?

To begin with, let’s take a look at what the Jeremy Kyle test is. It is not a ‘Jeremy Kyle test’ at all, it is instead a polygraph test, which is a way of finding out when someone is lying or trying to lie about something. You may know it as other things, like the lie detector test, but it is a polygraph test, and an official test tracks the physiological changes in the body, like heart rate and perspiration levels, to tell when someone is saying something which is quite possibly untrue.

So, is it a genuine test?

Of course, what we need to try now and work out is whether or not the Jeremy Kyle test is a legitimate polygraph test, or whether it is simply just a hoax. Whether you believe it or not, there is a surprising amount of evidence which suggests that the polygraph test which is used on Jeremy Kyle is, in fact, a legitimate test. The lie detector testing which currently takes place on the show is now overseen and conducted by two examiners named Guy Heseltine and Tristam Burgess. Both of these men are both members of the American Polygraph Association. Both of the examiners themselves are graduates of fully registered Polygraph Schools over in the United States. The polygraph tests that are completed on the show do in fact follow all of the many procedures and use techniques required to meet the standards of validity when it comes to a polygraph test. The testing is completed in a place which is away from the cameras, and in a controlled environment. It always involves the examiner carefully explaining the entire procedure to participants, and then obtaining the full consent of everyone being tested.

So while it may come as a shock to some people, the aptly named ‘Jeremy Kyle Test’ is, in fact, a legitimate polygraph test that people choose to undergo to make the program play out in the way that it does. The test is conducted in a way that is valid and correct and ensures that anyone who is taking it does know exactly what will happen and which questions they will be asked over the course of the test. The lie detector test is carried out by trained professionals and is a legitimate test that the show uses to ascertain the truth.

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